Campus Life


What is Hitex Campus Life?

Hitex Campus Life is a great new opportunity Hitex Marketing is providing to college and university students who are looking for an easy and efficient way to earn money. Hitex Marketing cares about your classes, school work, and social life so we will make sure hours coordinate well in your weekly schedule. The job requires about 15 hours a week and pay is by the hour. The work being asked is all on campus and virtual. Although, work is on-campus, it is not limited to only students living on campus. All students living off or on-campus should apply for this great opportunity.


Who are the right candidates?

Hitex Campus Life is looking for college students who are friendly and talkative. We need our new employee to be able to initiate conversation and keep business relationships. He or she must be able to introduce themselves to department heads and decision makers around campus. But most of all, we are looking for students who are enthusiastic. Students who are excited as we are to start this next chapter of Hitex Marketing.


Do you think you're the perfect fit?

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